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From the Source | LaLiga Tech & Nielsen: 360º Fan Engagement

A pathway for sports to understand and engage with their online communities - a new whitepaper from LaLiga Tech and Nielsen.

21 June 2022 SportsPro

The concept of ‘digital natives’ is broadly understood, but its impact on the sporting industry is less so. An accepted wisdom is that sport is losing young fans – but is this a problem of interest or accessibility?

According to new research, younger fans remain even more enthusiastic and open to engagement with sport than previous generations. Only their methods of consumption have changed. To gain their loyalty, sports organisations must find better ways to reach and connect with them, which means changing, adapting and planning for a future in which most fans are digitally inclined.

LaLiga Tech partnered with Nielsen to analyse these emerging changes, reviewing over 20,000 respondents in 15 different countries. This global coverage gives a detailed view of how the sports content market is evolving worldwide, leading to essential insights for major brands. Key topics include:

  • Fan behavioural shifts
  • Digital transformation
  • The impact of OTT platforms within sports
  • Content and consumption preferences

Download the report below to discover more.