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KORE Software X SportsPro: Battle of the brands

Who are the best-promoted sport sponsors on social? Download this new report to find out which brands are receiving most value across global sport.

2 February 2023 SportsPro

Introducing SportsPro and KORE Software’s ‘Battle of the brands’, a new report which assesses the effectiveness of brand promotion on social media and provides a deeper understanding of which companies are receiving the most bang for their sports marketing buck.

Using KORE Software’s Evaluate Social tool and proprietary analytics software, we’ve ranked the top 50 brands invested in sport by the sponsorship value they receive through incidental and deliberate promotion on social media.

Brands who feature in the report include household names like Adidas, Emirates, Red Bull and Santander, as well as relative newcomers such as TikTok, TeamViewer, Fortnite and Crypto.com.

Report highlights include:

  • Just four sporting goods and apparel brands in the top 50 received a combined US$1 billion in sponsorship value, representing over a quarter of the total.
  • The automotive and financial industries boast the most brands in the top 50, with both sectors being represented by eight brands.
  • Over 70 per cent of the total value generated for brands comes from teams and sports organisations, such as leagues and governing bodies.
  • Instagram generates considerably more value for the top 50 brands than any other social platform, delivering US$5.3 billion during the 12-month evaluation period, or 62 per cent of the total.

Download the full report to discover the top 50 best-promoted brands of 2022, where and how they receive most value, and which ones are being talked about the most in branded posts.