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From The Source | Edgio: Speed matters on and off the pitch

Why a high-performing ecommerce site is the key to sports merchandising success - The latest whitepaper by Edgio.

18 August 2022 SportsPro

The difference between winning and losing (and sometimes drawing) in elite football is often the finest of margins. Clubs will do anything if it promises to improve performance by just a fraction, but the principles of marginal gains matter off the pitch too. A high-quality online retail experience can open up new opportunities, drive merchandise sales, and strengthen bonds with increasingly global fanbases. All this increases commercial revenues and deepens fan engagement – both of which ultimately lead to more success on the field.

The latest whitepaper by Edgio uncovers the state of commercial revenues within the football industry. Discover how digital and e-commerce innovations allow clubs and federations to effectively monetise fans, as well as boost their engagement. Topics include:

  • The commercial opportunity of international fanbases
  • How a modern CDN can deliver a rapid, high-quality e-commerce experience
  • The clear link between website speed and revenue: a one second delay could be worth millions
  • Why cyber security should be a fundamental pillar of any digital strategy

Download the full report below.