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From the Source | Crisp, a Kroll business: Online abuse in sports

3 April 2023 SportsPro

Online abuse in sports is intensifying.

The latest white paper from Crisp, a Kroll business, examines the impact online abuse has on athlete safety, the fan experience and the brand reputations of sponsors and broadcasters. It also reveals how to combat online abuse via the adoption of a cross-functional, integrated risk intelligence approach.

Key takeaways include…

  • A small group of instigators often account for an outsized proportion of the harmful content created, with 10% of them responsible for 80% of the harmful content
  • Good or bad performance can trigger harmful content. One athlete received a piece of abuse on social media every minute for 24 hours after breaking a scoring record
  • An effective playbook involves prevention strategies, detection capabilities, response protocols and insight to then re-inform the approach over time

Download the white paper to gain insight into this dynamic risk facing the sports industry and discover tangible solutions to protect athletes, fans and brands.