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WTA and Whoop to bring athlete data into broadcasts

Multi-year partnership will also see women’s tennis tour analyse its athletes' health metrics.

3 November 2021 Rory Jones

Getty Images

  • WTA Tour players to have access to Whoop 4.0 wearables
  • Wearables brand to help provide athlete health data on impact of performance and off-court activity

The Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) has named wearable fitness brand Whoop as its first ever partner in that category.

The multi-year deal will see the incorporation of Whoop’s live player data into broadcast and social media feeds for the elite women’s tennis tour. The WTA has also approved Whoop products for in-match use, making it the first wearables brand to receive such rights.

Whoop has similar deals which bring its data into broadcasts for golf’s PGA Tour and the LPGA Tour, as well as the Nascar US stock car racing series.

The new partnership will also see Whoop’s data used to gain a stronger understanding of the health of the WTA’s athletes. The brand’s technology is able to analyse areas such as physiological response, athletic preparedness and performance.

Whoop’s technology can measure the impact of some of the unique challenges that the WTA’s athletes face. Those include insights into how global travel or high intensity training impact menstruation.

A number of current WTA players, such as former US Open champion Sloane Stephens, already use Whoop devices for data on how aspects of their training and lifestyle can influence performance. Now, all players on the WTA Tour will have access to Whoop’s 4.0 wearables.

“Our partnership with Whoop represents a pivotal moment in women’s professional tennis,” said Micky Lawler, president of the WTA.

“Whoop’s cutting-edge technology serves as a new research and learning tool for WTA players. Numerous players have already adopted Whoop wearable technology as a means to optimise physical output.

“Whoop will play an instrumental role in the future of women’s tennis and will endow our current and next generation of athletes with a wealth of innovative performance analytics.”

Will Ahmed, Whoop’s co-founder and chief executive, added: “Our new partnership allows every WTA athlete to wear Whoop during matches for the first time.

“It also enables us to provide viewers at home with physiological insights about these world-class athletes.”

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