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Study: DAZN’s free Women’s Champions League coverage via YouTube sees 57% increase in fan interest

New Crux Sports report indicates growing commercial viability as games go behind paywall next season.

23 May 2023 Tom Bassam

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DAZN has published a new report which says the Uefa Women’s Champions League has become a more viable commercial proposition ahead of the 2023/24 campaign, which will see the competition mostly broadcast behind a paywall.


  • Crux Sports’ ‘Value and Impact Report’ finds tangible and long-lasting impacts of DAZN’s move to broadcast the elite European women’s club soccer tournament globally for free on YouTube
  • 80 per cent of fans say coverage on DAZN’s YouTube increased their awareness of women’s players
  • 57 per cent of survey respondents have an increased desire to follow women’s players and clubs
  • 40 per cent now have an increased interest in attending live women’s matches
  • 46 per cent of fans said the Women’s Champions League content on YouTube made them like women’s soccer more
  • 18 per cent of those surveyed said it changed their perception of women’s soccer
  • Clubs have also benefited, with 77 per cent saying the coverage has increased sponsor interest
  • 54 per cent of clubs surveyed said the YouTube content had a positive impact on revenue in different ways


Veronica Diquattro, DAZN’s chief executive of global markets, said: “Our partnership with YouTube has been a huge success as Crux Sports’ Value and Impact Report demonstrates. We expected to see significant growth in viewership – when you combine DAZN’s production values with YouTube’s reach and Uefa’s high-level of competition it’s a winning formula.

“To hear about the increase in commercial and sponsorship interest, matchday attendances and visibility in other media is especially pleasing. We want to help the women’s game realise its potential, by reaching audiences, and by developing its obvious commercial appeal to create a virtuous circle of investment, growth, raising standards and overall interest.

“We, and Uefa, feel the time is right for the competition to start finding its true commercial value. Visibility must lead to viability.”

Coming next:

Next season DAZN will be moving 42 of the 61 Women’s Champions League matches onto its subscription services globally. The other 19 matches – including the final, one semi-final and two of the quarter-finals – will still be available via the free-to-access YouTube Channel and DAZN’s other free services.

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