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TiqAssist launches mobile app for automated season ticket resale

Platform lists, sells and transfers tickets automatically.

8 June 2023 Steve McCaskill

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  • TiqAssist was founded in 2017
  • Tickets available for more than 100 major league teams

Online ticketing specialist TiqAssist has launched a new mobile app that promises to make it easier to manage season tickets and sell passes for individual matches.

The company was founded in 2017 and says the app will improve accessibility and usability, offering a customised dashboard that provides insights into how much an individual event might fetch on the open market.

Users select which matches they want to sell their tickets for and TiqAssist lists them on more than ten marketplaces, using real time data and dynamic pricing to ensure a sale. If a ticket isn’t sold within three days, then TiqAssist offers a “fair market value” to ensure they don’t go unsold. Once the sale is complete, the platform handles the transfer of the ticket automatically.

TiqAssist works with season ticket holders at more 100 teams across the five major North American sports leagues – the National Football League (NFL), National Basketball Association (NBA), Major League Baseball (MLB), National Hockey League (NHL), and Major League Soccer (MLB).

“As season ticket holders, we started TiqAssist because we experienced firsthand the difficulties of selling unused tickets,” said Chris Babu, TiqAssist chief executive. “There was no good option for us to manage our season tickets without worrying about the time and money it took to try and sometimes fail to sell our unused tickets. With TiqAssist’s technology, that vision became a reality. And with the launch of our app today, that reality has never been more clear.”

SportsPro says…

While other marketplaces offer similar functionality for individual tickets, TiqAssist is specifically targeting the season ticket holding ‘superfan’, betting that the priority for this group is ease of use and automation.

The benefit for teams is that these superfans aren’t dissuaded from buying season tickets if they fear they won’t get the most value from them if they can’t attend all the matches they’re entitled to. Meanwhile, empty seats are not a good look if the match is on television.

The inevitable concern with ticket resale marketplaces is scalping – a problem that could be exacerbated if selling a season ticket became too easy or if a holder sold the majority of their matches to a third party.

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