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28 February 2012 Jason Andrews

With a worldwide network of sports staff and correspondents, we deliver some of the most comprehensive breaking sports news, headlines and editorial coverage in the industry. Our round-the-clock sports news feed is an essential source for breaking news and headlines.

Sports News Service

With a worldwide network of sports staff and correspondents, we deliver some of the most comprehensive breaking sports news, headlines and editorial coverage in the industry. Our round-the-clock sports news feed is an essential source for breaking news and headlines. Covering more than 40 sports worldwide, our dedicated sports news service ensures your end users are kept up to date with the latest action. For football we provide unrivalled coverage with a dedicated service delivering detailed match previews and reports as well as comprehensive team news for every club in the Football League and beyond. Contact us now for more information on any of our sports editorial services.

Sports Data Service

Press Association Sport is a leading sports data supplier. Our fast, accurate wire, sports XML feeds and API platform enable our customers to deliver real-time, accurate content to end users. Our comprehensive sports statistics packages provide a rich sports data feed to support detailed analysis of participants and performance before, during and after an event.

We deliver live sports results to a wide range of global customers across all media platforms and in different languages. Customers include newspapers, magazines, TV and radio stations, websites, telecommunications companies and the betting industry. When the action starts we supply real-time score flashes and in-running updates of key stats from around the world. At the winning post, final whistle and close of play we offer all the data on the winners and losers and on what made the difference.

Sports data credentials

  • We are the official data partner of the UK professional football leagues
  • Our sports feeds power the English Professional Cricketers Association Rankings, the ratings system that identifies and ranks the best players in the domestic game
  • We supply official live sports results and race-day data for all UK and Irish horseracing
  • We are the content partner of the Rugby Football League and the official data gatherer and distributor of the sports data feed from the Super League and National League matches

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Sport Multimedia Service

Press Association Sport offers a wide range of multimedia sports content and interactive products and services, including graphics, animations, audio material and sports video content. We can also provide ready-to-use, packaged sports multimedia content for websites and sports broadcasters, such as audio and video podcasts and sports video news. Our new video wire service provides a truly end-to-end digital news gathering service on a major scale for use across broadcast and online media.

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Sports Broadcast Service

Press Association Sport provides bespoke content and support services for the broadcast industry. Our TV and radio customers rely on us to deliver the latest news and sports broadcasting content – we supply the snaps that drive sports news flashes.

We also deliver sport broadcasting services such as live scores and results updates that enable our customers to keep viewers and listeners on top of the latest sporting developments. Our sports broadcasting data is available for use in various formats – such as on-screen ticker feeds, straight-to-air text pages, live sports broadcast graphics or a simple print out for a news reader.

We also supply data-driven screen-ready graphics, providing a visual element to our sports broadcasting content. Press Association Sport's data drives the football broadcast graphics appearing on televised English Premier League matches, which are seen in more than 160 countries worldwide.

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Sports Betting Service

Our impartiality, coupled with our ability to deliver fast, accurate information, makes us the ideal partner for a business where mistakes and delays cost money. Many bookmakers’ results are decided on the data we provide via our sports betting XML feeds.

Our services for bookmakers range from betting fixtures, results and live sports betting data feeds, to hosted and managed websites and event centres. We provide the complete solution for event creation, in-running betting and settlement for betting shops, websites and the mobile internet.

Sports betting credentials:

  • We supply many of the major bookmakers XML sports betting data feeds
  • We are the partner of choice for many sport federations and governing bodies
  • Official live race-day data for all UK and Irish Horse Racing is provided by Press Association Sport
  • We work closely with the British Horseracing Authority and Horse Racing Ireland to deliver official racecards
  • We have played a leading part in returning Starting Prices to the racing industry for the past two decades
  • We manage the official greyhound database and work closely with the Greyhound Board of Great Britain


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2012 Olympics Games Coverage

London 2012 Olympics and Paralympics – every story, every medallist, every result. It's time to plan for what will be the biggest sporting event of the year. Whether you need news, video, profiles, live results or historical data, Press Association has the content you can count on.

As Host National News Agency for the Games, our plans for Olympics content are bigger and more ambitious than ever before. Our team of reporters and photographers have prime positions to cover every session, and specialist journalists dedicated to every sport.

We have a range of flexible content packages, which deliver rich, linked editorial, news, images and data dynamically to support your campaign and content needs. 

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