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OnePlan gets US$5.3m funding boost to build out digital venue tech

Pembroke VCT and Eppes Creek Ventures invest again in UK technology firm.

14 April 2022 Ed Dixon

OnePlan / Paris 2024

  • OnePlan creating ‘digital twins’ of Paris 2024 venues
  • Pembroke and Eppes Creek first invested in OnePlan in July 2021
  • Company now valued at US$58m

Technology company OnePlan has raised an additional US$5.3 million in funding from its Series A investors, Pembroke VCT and Eppes Creek Ventures.

The new funding for OnePlan comes in the same week the UK-based startup partnered with the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games to build data-driven ‘digital twins’ of the events’ major competition venues.

As the official supporter of GIS (geographic information system) mapping and digital twin software, OnePlan will provide virtual creations of physical spaces. This will allow Paris 2024’s venue operators to simulate changes or scenarios in real time, ensuring a more efficient and sustainable planning process.

To date, OnePlan has been used by more than 8,000 events and venues in over 100 countries. Premier League and National Basketball Association (NBA) teams, as well as World Triathlon and the Silverstone motor racing circuit, have been among the users.

London-headquartered venture capital trust Pembroke and Silicon Valley-based Eppes Creek initially invested in OnePlan last July. The company is now valued at US$58 million, almost 15 times its valuation a year ago.

“It’s an enormous endorsement to have Pembroke and Eppes Creek invest again based on what they’ve seen in the nine months since their first investment,” said Paul Foster, founder and chief executive of OnePlan.

“Partners like these give us the ability to leap ahead and take on something as big as the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games.”

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