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Study: NFL jersey patch sponsorship revenue worth US$673m

The cumulative estimated brand exposure for jersey patch sponsors across the league would be worth US$458m.

6 September 2023 Josh Sim
A jersey patch program would be worth US$673m for the NFL if introduced.

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 The National Football League (NFL) would make up to US$673 million in revenue if it was to introduce a jersey patch program, according to a new study from sponsorship valuation platform Turnstile.


  • Turnstile estimates the cumulative value across the league for brand exposure that jersey patch partners would gain, to be US$458 million
  • Jersey patches would also cumulatively add US$181 million worth of intellectual property value, with additional contractual benefits across the league contributing a further US$34 million in value, the study says
  • Average deal value per franchise is estimated to be around US$21.1 million
  • According to Turnstile, the NFL’s sponsorship revenue would increase by 25 per cent should the programme be introduced


The NFL remains the only major US sporting league yet to have introduced jersey patches, with the likes of the National Basketball Association (NBA), the National Hockey League (NHL) and Major League Baseball (MLB) having all allowed branding on team uniforms in the last few years.

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