Roll on 2013

The fortunes of Media Action Sports look set for further growth in 2013 as the Spanish company eyes up international expansion.

15 April 2013 Michael Barber

SportsPro Magazine | 119
In February 2011 sports marketing
and media distribution agency Media
Action Sports (MAS) acquired the
Spanish Basketball Federation’s
(FEB) national and international media
rights, with the company’s founder Juanjo
Marquez (right) vowing to “open the eyes
of the international marketplace to how
big the federation is as a property.”
A little over 12 months later and,
through the signing of a “multi-year,
multi-platform, multi-million deal”,
Marquez delivered on that initial
promise. In April 2012 MAS brokered
a four-year deal between the FEB
and Spanish state-owned broadcaster
Televisión Española (TVE), believed to
be worth €3.5 million annually.
“In a very diffi cult fi nancial situation
in Spain we found a formula with the
sponsors to increase the value of the
property and increase the income for the
rights for the national federation,” says an
understandably elated Marquez, refl ecting
on last year’s achievement. “For almost
the fi rst time in the past ten or 15 years
we have partnered with a public television
network for primetime after the news. It’s
been a fantastic, incredible success.”
As well as marketing the FEB and the
annual nationwide tours undertaken by
Spain’s national basketball team – which
in 2013 will act as a precursor to the
EuroBasket championship in Slovenia –
MAS continues be an active force buying
rights for the US, Spain and the UK.
One of its priorities is to go on growing
the King’s Cup, an invitational tennis
tournament fi rst established in 1912 that
traditionally features the four top-ranked
players in Spain. This year, Marquez
explains, the clay-court tournament will go
global for the fi rst time in 88 editions. “For
2013 we will have a qualifying tournament
in south Florida where the winner will get
an invitation to play,” he says.
With the inaugural US qualifying
tournament set to take place in March
and the King’s Cup main event scheduled
for the last week of Wimbledon in 2014,
MAS intends to expand the global reach of
its prestigious tournament yet further by
introducing a second qualifying event in
Latin America.
The Americas also form the basis of
Marquez’s latest sports media venture, a
production company called Sum News,
the US-based offi ce of which opened for
business in February. “The main reason
we did it was because there are a number
of international sports icons playing in the
United States on a seasonal basis,” says
Marquez, using last year’s Ryder Cup as an
example, “but instead of buying something
from rights holders to cover them, many
TV channels in Europe want to have some
kind of personalised news items. We want
to become that. We have the technology,
we have the platform.
“It’s a very good service and a very
good product for broadcasters who can’t
have a crew there all the time,” he adds,
explaining that, at present, the MAS
subsidiary has “25 different agreements
with companies for almost every
international or very big national event.”
In addition to personalising news
content for broadcasters – something
that according to Marquez accounts
for roughly 50 or 60 per cent of the
company’s workload – the start-up is
also involved in consultancy work “for
brands, for sporting events and for
technology companies”.
“The main thing is to really establish
and consolidate in the US,” Marquez says.
“We are working with a number of clients
internationally but we need to consolidate
this in 2013. Our major area of expansion
has to be the US but we have an interest
in Brazil because we have partners from
there and certain production facilities
there as well that we want to be able to
offer the international market.”
If 2012 was a year of breakthrough
success for MAS, 2013 looks set to be
one of US consolidation and further
international growth.
After it enjoyed a successful 2012 by delivering on a national stage, the fortunes of Media Action
Sports look set for further growth in 2013 as the Spanish company eyes up international expansion.
Roll on 2013

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