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Kansas City Royals release new ballpark plans for two locations

MLB team plans to choose preferred site by end of September.

24 Aug 2023 Josh Sim
The Kansas City Royals have unveiled plans for a new ballpark in two locations.


Major League Baseball’s (MLB) Kansas City Royals have unveiled plans for a replacement ballpark to Kauffman Stadium in two different locations, with the team to decide its preferred choice by the end of September.


  • The Royals are considering building a new ballpark either in East Village in downtown Kansas City, or in North Kansas City within Clay County
  • Franchise estimates the overall development, which includes the ballpark and a surrounding entertainment district, would cost more than US$2 billion at both sites
  • Royals prepared to spend about US$1 billion in private funds on the project
  • Plans for both sites were drawn up by Populous
  • Venue to have a total capacity of around 38,000


The Royals confirmed plans to leave Kauffman Stadium, situated in Jackson County, last November. Choosing the downtown site would mean they would stay in the county, where they currently have a lease that expires in 2031.

However, a move to the second site in Clay County would require the team to negotiate with local leaders to get out of the lease in order to facilitate the relocation.


“We’re trying to show where we are in the process, trying to be transparent about how we’re going about making a decision, what we’re seeing,” said Brooks Sherman, Royals president of business operations.

“We’ve got work to do at a number of fronts to get to our decision on this, but we thought it was the right time here as we’ve gotten both of these developed. We thought it was the right time for the transparency of both and to show the community what could be no matter where we go.”

Coming next:

After making a final decision on their preferred site, the Royals have set the goal of moving into their new stadium in time for the start of the 2028 MLB season.

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