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Study: Baltimore Ravens v Las Vegas Raiders generates US$5.2m in sponsor media value

16 brands and 18 in-stadium placements featured during Raiders’ overtime win.

17 September 2021 Rory Jones

Getty Images

  • On field NFL logo and Bose headphone placement each generated US$1.1m
  • Nike’s jersey branding earns US$1m in media value from 40 minutes of airtime

The National Football League (NFL) Monday night matchup between the Baltimore Ravens and the Las Vegas Raiders generated US$5.2 million in media value from its broadcasts on ESPN and ABC, according to data gathered by Relo Metrics.

The artificial intelligence (AI) powered platform found that the game, which aired domestically on Disney-owned pay-TV channels ESPN and ESPN2, as well as the ABC commercial network, saw 16 brands and 18 in-stadium placements get media traction.

Of all the brands promoted during the game, Relo Metrics calculated that Bose’s headphone placement and the NFL’s on-field logo each generated US$1.1 million – the most of all sponsorships and placements. The NFL logo got 20 minutes of on-screen time.

Due to player closeups during key moments throughout the broadcast, Nike’s logo on the players’ shoulder pads earned an estimated US$1 million in media value from 40 minutes of airtime.

Official NFL sponsor Gatorade got US$610,100 of media value from its broadcast-visible branding. The game’s halftime sponsor USAA earned US$446,600 in media value, while the Allegiant logo that adorns the Raiders’ new stadium generated US$317,800 for the airline.

On social media, Relo Metrics’ social listening platform found 877,000 total mentions of the Raiders’ Monday night win over the Ravens. The Raiders accounted for 504,000 of those mentions, while the Ravens brought in 347,000 since 13th September.

The game saw Allegiant Stadium, the Raiders’ new Las Vegas home, host fans at full capacity for the first time during the regular season. ‘Allegiant’ has since been mentioned 10,500 times across all social media platforms since the game, while ‘MNF’, the league’s branding for ESPN’s Monday games, has been mentioned 207,000 times.

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