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Premier League Commercial Guide


SportsPro presents all the key commercial details for the world’s richest soccer league and its 20 teams.

Whichever way you look at it, the Premier League continues to flourish commercially.

According to Statista, the combined revenue of the competition’s 20 clubs for the 2021/22 campaign totaled roughly €6.1 billion (US$6.2 billion), which puts it well out in front of the other major European soccer leagues.

That gap only looks set to get bigger, with the ongoing 2022/23 season marking the first of a new three-year cycle that will see the Premier League bring in more than UK£10 billion (US$12.1 billion) in media rights revenue, with income from overseas deals set to surpass what the competition receives for its domestic agreements for the first time.

That isn’t to say that recent years have been without their challenges, however. The Premier League’s growing influence has led to greater scrutiny over how the money it generates is distributed, the way in which wealthy states leverage the competition as a geopolitical tool to cleanse their image, and how all that can be reconciled with the responsibility the league has to use its status to impact society for the better.

Speaking to Sky Sports last August, Premier League chief executive Richard Masters said soccer in England has been “transformed” since the division was founded in 1992, stating that the competition “plays a big role in the economic and social fabric” of the country.

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