SportsPro Magazine

  • Jun 2016

    June 2016, Issue 88

    The World's Most Marketable Athletes

    Piecing together a commercial profile

  • May 2016

    May 2016, Issue 87

    Keith Pelley

    "Golf is our platform and our players are the actors"

  • Apr 2016

    April 2016, Issue 86

    David Richardson

    Cricket's golden global opportunity

  • Mar 2016

    March 2016, Issue 85

    Yiannis Exarchos

    Behind the biggest Olympic broadcast year ever

  • Feb 2016

    February 2016, Issue 84

    Steve Simon

    The new man in a woman's world

  • Dec-Jan 2015

    December/January 2015, Issue 83

    Fitting the Profile

    Sport in the age of social media

  • Nov 2015

    November 2015, Issue 82


    Baseball's digital arm reaches out

  • Oct 2015

    October 2015, Issue 81

    Delia Bushell

    The second chapter of the BT Sport story

  • Sep 2015

    September 2015, Issue 80

    Brett Gosper

    Ready to engage with the Rugby World Cup

  • Aug 2015

    August 2015, Issue 79

    Martin Whitmarsh

    From Portsmouth to Bermuda in pursuit of the America's Cup

  • Jul 2015

    July 2015, Issue 77

    Oleg Tinkov

    "What? They think that if a guy has US$1 billion or something, he needs to be serious all day?"

  • Jun 2015

    June 2015, Issue 77

    Making the Cut

    The World's Most Marketable Athletes

  • May 2015

    May 2015, Issue 76

    Ariel Emanuel

    On stage and on the record

  • Apr 2015

    April 2015, Issue 75

    Beating Blatter

    The battle for Fifa's future

  • Mar 2015

    March 2015, Issue 74

    Leap of Faith

    The business behind the Four Hills

  • Feb 2015

    February 2015, Issue 73

    Theatre of Screens

    Ed Woodward's Man Utd masterplan

  • Dec-Jan 2014

    December/January 2014, Issue 72

    No Place Like Rome

    Jim Palotta on building a global empire

  • Nov 2014

    November 2014, Issue 71

    The Merchant of Tennis

    The ATP under Chris Kermode

  • Oct 2014

    October 2014, Issue 70

    The Age of Discovery

    JB Perrette's plan to super-charge Eurosport

  • Sep 2014

    September 2014, Issue 69

    Stacey Allaster

    Forging a new path for women in sport

  • Aug 2014

    August 2014, Issue 68

    Frank As Ever

  • Jul 2014

    July 2014, Issue 67

    Craig against the machine

  • Jun 2014

    June 2014, Issue 66

    Who is the world's most marketable athlete?

  • May 2014

    May 2014, Issue 65

    Money, media, mobile, and the future

  • Apr 2014

    April 2014, Issue 64

    From one games to another

  • Mar 2014

    March 2014, Issue 63

    Seb Coe's Next Move

  • Feb 2014

    February 2014, Issue 62

    The Murray Management Conundrum

  • Dec-Jan 2013

    Dec/Jan 2014, Issue 61

    John Angelos' vision for a fairer MLB

  • Nov 2013

    November 2013, Issue 60

    Mayweather Selling Money

  • Oct 2013

    October 2013, Issue 59

    Why Bach must lead from the front

  • Sep 2013

    September 2013, Issue 58

    ADIDAS: Herbert Hainer's three-stripe rule

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The live edition

Next month in SportsPro: The live edition

Wembley Stadium will be the venue when SportsPro Live returns for its third and biggest edition on 22nd and 23rd March. For those not fortunate enough to be attending – or those who just want to relive the event – the next issue of SportsPro will have full coverage of two days of essential interviews and discussions with some of the most engaging people in the industry.

Elsewhere in the May issue there will be a look beyond the world’s most famous soccer ground in a special report on the stadium technology sector. And with new European Tour chief executive Keith Pelley among those on stage in north-west London, the business of golf in 2016 will also come into focus.