How to leverage digital tech to train sports management professionals

Rafael de los Santos, new media director at Spanish soccer giants Real Madrid, explains how the Real Madrid Graduate School's online MBA-Master’s Degree in Sports Management is revolutionising digital education for sports professionals across the world.

How to leverage digital tech to train sports management professionals

Sport has become a discipline that has expanded beyond its previously defined boundaries.

In fact, in recent years, the sports industry has experienced an important growth, with the market is currently estimated to be worth US$700 billion and growing more rapidly than global GDP.

This scenario, among other things, is generating new roles and professions in a sector that represents a huge impact on the economy and employment, creating new types of jobs.

One of these new roles that the sports industry is demanding is related to sports management. That’s why Real Madrid Graduate School-Universidad Europea has designed the MBA-Master’s Degree in Sports Management, of which the objective is to “train” management professionals in the world of sports

The MBA Master’s Degree in Sports Management has been striving to meet the challenges of the industry and produce skilled graduates that will meet those needs. Furthermore, the international nature of this programme will enable students and sports managers to obtain the broadest possible perspective on all existing sports management models, not only in Spain but also beyond our borders. This is thanks to the participation of a top-class international faculty. An education focused on a global world is more necessary now than ever before.

Through the school, Real Madrid transmits an efficient model supported by key pillars such as humility, respect, hard work and team work. The experience and reference of Real Madrid’s business model, together with the experience of the school, ensures that students are aware of the current reality, learning all the strategies and decision-making techniques that come from a world leader such as Real Madrid. For this reason, Real Madrid Graduate School-Universidad Europea is one of the world’s best known sports management schools.

As one of our alumni recently explained, this MBA had offered him – and every student – a “big difference” in his career, because he worked with the best professionals. Also, he highlighted that it also taught him “the importance of another set of values, which brought into the world of business are a guarantee of success”. That's exactly what makes the Master’s Degree in Sports Management one of a kind.

Rafael de los Santos, new media director at Real Madrid and one of the programme directors for the Real Madrid Graduate School MBA

However, we live in a digital society and we need to embrace new technologies in order to take advantage of them. As digital director of Real Madrid, responsible for the club's digital strategy, I’m aware of how digital transformation is taking place in the sports industry and I’m very proud of having the opportunity to manage – alongside the expert Pablo Burillo, Doctor in Sports Sciences – the online version of the MBA-Master’s Degree in Sports Management. With the online version of this MBA, we are expanding the opportunity to experience the Real Madrid Graduate School-Universidad Europea to professionals in the industry who can’t physically attend lessons.

It is specially designed for professionals who need to combine work and study. Following the MBA online allows students not only to learn how to administrate business, but also specialise in sports management, so they can run their own sports-related business, secure sports management positions at strategic and tactical levels, or become a sports marketing director, sports business consultant, sports brand developer or sports business analyst. They can do it from anywhere in the world with a computer and internet access.

Real Madrid is worldwide known as the most innovative club in the digital environment and, in recent years, has completed a deep transformation that has allowed it to reach a global leadership position. Real Madrid was the first brand and sporting institution to surpass 100 million followers on Facebook, 50 million on Instagram and 25 million on Twitter. Through this MBA, students have now the opportunity to work closely with the team that has made these landmarks real.

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