Rose Bowl signs official rose for the first time

America's oldest college football bowl game, the Rose Bowl, has signed an official rose for the first time.

America's oldest college football bowl game, the Rose Bowl, has signed on Passion Growers as the first official Rose in the history of the game.

Passion Growers signed four-year deals with both the Rose Bowl Operating Committee, which runs the venue, and the Tournament of Roses, which runs the game itself. The deal is valued at roughly US$1 million.

Passion Growers has the rights of having the "official flower," "official rose" and "official rose grower" designations and accompanying exclusivity. The company will also use Rose Bowl logos to sell licensed products, including floral arrangements, wreaths and vases.

“It’s all about building trust in our brand,” said Passion Growers founder and president Jaime Peisach. “That’s why we are associating ourselves with an American icon like the Rose Bowl. Of course, we’re a perfect match. When people think ketchup, they think Heinz. When you think roses, we want you to think Passion roses. If this deal helps us get there, we’re heading in the right direction.”

Passion Growers sells more than 200 million roses a year, including more than 150 varieties of roses, and has 50 stores within 13 miles of the Rose Bowl stadium in Pasadena, CA.