PGA Tour expands Opendorse partnership

Marketers now able to automate content sharing with players.

PGA Tour expands Opendorse partnership

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The PGA Tour has expanded its partnership with athlete marketing platform Opendorse.

The new arrangement will allow PGA Tour marketing partners to maximise their relationships on social media alongside the circuit’s golfers. With Opendorse, Tour marketing partners will have the ability to automate communication and share content with players, making it easier to activate relationships.

“Opendorse has been a tremendous asset in helping the Tour and the game’s top players work together on social,” said Brian Oliver, executive vice president of corporate partnerships at the PGA Tour.

Since 2017, the PGA Tour has used Opendorse to send high quality content to its players. In 2018, the partnership grew to include content creation, wherein the PGA Tour looked to Opendorse to help create custom assets for players to boost their brands on social media.

“The PGA Tour has embraced the power of its players beyond the course,” said Opendorse chief executive Blake Lawrence. “This announcement marks the next step for player marketing in the game of golf. Now, players can use Opendorse not only to build their brands, but to capitalise on their value alongside the Tour’s premier partners.”

The Opendorse relationship is part of an overall strategy to encourage players to engage with fans – current and new. Through its ‘Live Under Par’ campaign, launched earlier this spring, the PGA Tour is highlighting authentic interactions between players, players with fans and players with communities and charities.

Last year, the PGA Tour players saw a 34 per cent growth in followers and a 4.1 per cent rise in engagement rate, which it claims was first among the major US sports leagues.