Persico Marine wins Volvo Ocean Race contract

Italian boatyard to construct new one-design Volvo Ocean 65 boats.

Persico Marine wins Volvo Ocean Race contract

Bergamo-based custom yacht builder Persico Marine has won the contract to construct the new one-design Volvo Ocean 65 boats ahead of the next edition of the Volvo Ocean Race in 2017/18.

Persico was previously part of the consortium which built the first seven Volvo Ocean 65 boats which competed in the last edition of the Ocean Race, concluding in June of this year.

All seven of those boats will race again in 2017/18, alongside a fresh contingent of Persico-built boats, depending on demand from new entrants into the race.

The rules of the Volvo Ocean Race stipulate that all boats must be of the same design, which is why the race's organisers have preferred to give the construction contracts to a single boatyard.

Tom Touber, chief operating officer of the Volvo Ocean Race, explained: “If you’re going to build a limited number of boats, it is way more efficient to construct them in one location. The main component is the hull, which Persico provided very efficiently in the last race as part of the consortium of builders, so that’s one reason.

“But also Persico did an outstanding job taking the lead in the rebuild of Vestas Wind and it confirmed to us how well they could do the job they’re now taking on.”