NFLPA signs landmark deal with Whoop

Football players will be given the opportunity to sell their biometric data.

NFLPA signs landmark deal with Whoop

The National Football League Players Association (NFLPA) has agreed a strategic partnership with human performance company Whoop. 

The collaboration, which was brokered by the athlete-driven accelerator OneTeam Collective, makes Whoop the officially licensed recovery wearable of the National Football League’s (NFL) players’ union. It is the first time that a players’ association has been affiliated with a wearable technology company.

Whoop will provide NFL players with round-the-clock and constantly updated personal statistical information through its wrist straps. Perhaps more importantly, the players will be given the ownership of the data and, furthermore, the option to commercialise it. 

The football stars will also design bespoke licensed bands for the Whoop strap for personal use and commercial retail. The NFLPA and Whoop will work together to analyse the effects of travel, sleep, scheduling and injuries on the league’s players.

“Our mission at Whoop is to empower athletes,” said Will Ahmed, chief executive of Whoop. “This partnership with the NFLPA is truly the first of its kind in that athletes will finally become both healthier and wealthier by collecting,  controlling, and ultimately having the ability to sell their own health and performance data.” 

Russell Okung, offensive tackle for the Los Angeles Chargers, added: “Whoop and the NFLPA are putting the power of data directly in the players’ hands.  I want to recover faster, avoid injuries, and have a longer career. 

“This partnership has the potential to contribute to my health, which is imperative to my career in football.”