Mercedes connects with Tata Communications

Formula One team Mercedes has agreed a partnership with Tata Communications.

Formula One team Mercedes has agreed a partnership with Tata Communications.

The Indian telecoms company will become the official managed connectivity supplier to the team. It will provide improved trackside connectivity solutions to Mercedes, allowing it to send data directly from its two cars at any race location to the Mercedes headquarters in the UK.

Tata Communications became a global partner of Formula One in 2012.

Mercedes team principal Ross Brawn said: "We are delighted to have agreed our new team partnership with Tata Communications. Formula One relies on data and the ability to transfer our data from the track back to our factories in Brackley and Brixworth quickly and securely. The Tata Communications global network will play a key role in the team’s performance and our ability to react over the race weekends. That we will now be able to achieve our data transfer requirements three times faster is fantastic."

Mehul Kapadia, the managing director of F1 business at Tata Communications, welcomed the opportunity to showcase the company's "expertise and speed", saying: "The modification and improvement of car set-up and handling is a constant during the race season, and being able to share richer data and to report issues back from trackside to the factory in real-time provides a competitive edge in car performance, both in speed and also in handling and stability."

The Mercedes team lies fourth in the Formula One constructors' world championship standings after four races of the 2013 season.