F1: McLaren in safe hands with Intralinks Holdings

20 March 2013 | Posted in Sponsorship, Motorsport, Europe, | By Michael Long

The Vodafone McLaren Mercedes Formula One team has entered into a partnership with Intralinks Holdings, a global provider of content management and collaboration solutions.

The team will utilise Intralinks' technology to share confidential information, such as design and manufacturing knowhow, internally.

The partnership, facilitated by the RT Marketing agency, is part of a wider agreement between Intralinks and the team’s parent, the McLaren Group, which will also deploy the company’s technologies in other areas of its business, such as automotive, electronic systems and applied technology.

“Vodafone McLaren Mercedes needed a collaboration platform that we could trust with our highly-sensitive information but would also keep pace with our business,” said Stuart Birrell, chief information officer of the McLaren Group.

“Intralinks was the obvious choice because they offer unique capabilities like UNsharing, combined with ease-of-use, security and auditability that are unrivalled. With solutions like Intralinks VIA we’ll be able to share information with our suppliers, partners and race side staff with greater confidence and speed, making us more productive and better positioned to win.”

“Vodafone McLaren Mercedes is renowned as one of sport’s most successful competitors and one of the world’s most well-recognised high-technology brands,” added Ron Hovsepian, the chief executive of Intralinks. “Vodafone McLaren Mercedes has uncompromising standards for performance and we’re proud that they selected Intralinks to support their collaboration needs.”

McLaren endured a difficult start to their 2013 campaign, with drivers Jenson Button and Sergio Perez finishing ninth and 11th respectively at last weekend’s season-opening race in Australia.

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