Everton and Fulham join SportsRISQ

English soccer teams will utilise the company’s RISQ Performance Dashboard.

Everton and Fulham join SportsRISQ

English top-tier side Everton and second-tier Fulham have both signed agreements with SportsRISQ to utilise the financial products provider’s RISQ Performance Dashboard.

The service allows professional sports clubs to monitor, analyse and structure their assets, while projecting where their future liabilities may fall using SportRISQ’s predictive analytics.

“Everton is committed to ensuring its forecasting, reporting and control procedures are accurate, timely and comprehensive,” said Robert Elstone, chief executive of Everton.

“We are excited to work with SportsRISQ to secure further improvements to a key area of the club’s business, and are confident our partnership will provide valuable additional insight to our decision-making.”

RISQ’s head of sport Max Hamilton, added, “Results on the pitch, combined with the increased use of performance clauses in contracts, have major financial implications for football clubs. In Everton and Fulham we are delighted to have two forward-thinking partners improving control over their finances across the season with the RISQ Performance Dashboard.”

After a difficult start to the season, Everton have regrouped and sit seventh in the Premier League, while Fulham, currently five points from the promotion playoff places in the Championship, are still hopeful they will secure a return to English soccer’s top division.