Elite Football League of India confirms Hyderabad SkyKings

05 March 2013 | Posted in Sports Properties, Football, Asia, | By Eoin Connolly

The Elite Football League of India (EFLI) has sold a new franchise in Hyderabad to one of its key investors.

Movva Sports, owned by Hyderabad native Dr Venkatesh Movva, has purchased the rights to the Hyderabad SkyKings, who will debut in the league's second season when it starts in December. The team will be the ninth in the league and its games will be broadcast in India and 13 neighbouring countries on the Ten Sports network.

"Ven has been an early investor in the league and a significant contributor," said EFLI chief executive Richard Whelan. "He also travelled to India and developed the player health and safety protocol for the league.  As a native of India living in the United States, Ven understands the growth in professional football media rights and franchise values achieved by the NFL and how this might translate in India through the EFLI."  

Sunday Zeller, the EFLI president, said that Movva was "a very passionate and powerful businessman who has been with us from the beginning and he perfectly typifies what we are looking for in team ownership".

Movva added: "Our mission in owning the team is not only to provide a fast-paced, action-packed entertainment sport to the city, but also to provide opportunities for local youth to excel in the sport and enjoy the benefits of being a professional athlete."

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