Adidas to stick with Boston Marathon throughout the next decade

19 April 2009 | Posted in Sponsorship, Athletics, | By James Emmett

Adidas, the German Sports apparel manufacturer, has extended its contract with the Boston Athletic Association as the official supplier and outfitter of the Boston Marathon.

The deal, thought to be worth some US$300,000 a year. Adidas' role includes exclusive rights to manufacture, distribute, promote and sell B.A.A. branded apparel.

The Boston Marathon, which has 26,400 entrants this year, has been sponsored by Adidas since 1989. In order to celebrate the 20th anniversary of their longstanding partnership, Adidas has lengthened the deal by an extra decade, carrying it through to 2022.

According to the Adidas press release: "This year, Adidas will again supply the coveted official Boston Marathon jacket, and will outfit more than 10,000 race volunteers, media members, medical personnel, race officials and staff. Patrik Nilsson, president of Adidas America, said: "The Boston Marathon is the world's most prestigious road race. Runners of all levels travel to Boston each April to run, cheer or simply watch history being made. As a running brand, it is the place to be."

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Contract Details

  • Length of contract: 13 years
  • Annualised value: US$300,000
  • Overall value: US$3.9 million
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