Marisol Casado secures third ITU presidency term

Marisol Casado secures third ITU presidency term

Marisol Casado has been re-elected as president of the International Triathlon Union (ITU) for a third and final term.

The Spaniard ran unopposed and her victory was announced at the ITU’s annual congress in Madrid, seeing her remain as the sole female head of any Summer Olympic international federation.

Casado became ITU president in 2008, taking over from founding chief Les McDonald to become only the second leader of the federation.

“Thank you from the heart for nominating me as president of ITU,” she said in a victory speech.

“It is a great honour to be given the responsibility of directing ITU for another four years. We’ve done a great job as a team and we have to keep moving in the same direction.

“We will think about possible changes and, if needed or if we think changes can improve our sport, we will make those changes.”

Alongside Casado’s re-election, Canada’s Loreen Barnett, Mexico’s Antonio Alvarez, Japan’s Shine Otsuka and Sweden’s Ria Damgren were all elected as vice presidents.

The ITU also granted member status to Algeria, Benin, Burkina Faso, Zambia, the Democratic Republic of Congo and the Central African Republic during the congress.