Kim Andersen elected president of World Sailing

Kim Andersen elected president of World Sailing

Denmark's Kim Andersen has been elected as the new president of World Sailing.

Andersen unseated 70-year-old Italian Carlo Croce, who had served out a single term at the head of sailing's global governing body. A run-off was required after neither candidate achieved the required 50 per cent of the vote in the initial poll. Ultimately, Andersen prevailed with 52 votes to Croce's 46.

Canadian Paul Henderson, a former president of the body, was also in the running but was eliminated in the first round after attracting just 11 votes.

Andersen described his election as an "honour", while criticising Croce's period in charge, saying the Italian had demonstrated a "lack of leadership."

Andersen will work closely with World Sailing chief executive Andy Hunt, with one of their primary goals being the restoration of sailing to the Paralympic programme in 2024, after it was removed ahead of the Games in 2020.