Facebook appoints Matthew Henick to content role

Facebook appoints Matthew Henick to content role


Social media giant Facebook has appointed Matthew Henick as head of content planning and strategy for its media partnerships division.

Henick joins Facebook from Buzzfeed, where he served as the head of the digital media company’s entertainment studio, overseeing the production of a range of original short and long-form video projects. He will report to Facebook’s vice president of media partnerships, Nick Grudin, in his new role.

‘Facebook is just setting out on its journey to become a new kind of video platform for the world, and the opportunity to tag along was just too good to pass up,’ Henick wrote in a post on Facebook. ‘As media learns to wield the advantages of the digital world, a completely new video experience is emerging on mobile, with a potential for social and interactivity that we’re only beginning to tap.’

‘Facebook is in an amazing position to offer that. It’s a clear extension of the company’s mission to bring the world closer together.’

The move comes at a time when Facebook is looking to step up its presence within the sports market. In the past year, the company has agreed a number of streaming deals for coverage of the Olympic Games, the World Surf League (WSL) and esports, while it was also reported back in September to have made a US$600 million bid to stream the Indian Premier League (IPL) cricket tournament.
In January, meanwhile, the Guardian reported that Eurosport chief executive Peter Hutton would be joining Facebook as head of live sport later this year.