50 Most Marketable 2013 - Tiger Woods


Athletes from across the world have been ranked according to their marketing potential over a three-year period from this summer.

  • Value for money
  • Age
  • Home market
  • Charisma
  • Willingness to be marketed
  • Crossover appeal

Tiger Woods - American, 37, Golf (47)

Nike’s ‘Winning Takes Care of Everything’ campaign, rolled out earlier this year after Tiger Woods’ retook the world number one spot, received a decidedly mixed reaction, but that it was even conceived is an indication that commercial confidence is growing again in one of the greatest players the sport has produced.

Woods is back at the top of his game, a needle-mover for US TV networks who have longed for him to return to form and favour, and for those, like EA Sports, Fuse Science, Rolex and NetJets, who have invested many marketing dollars in him over the years. That he hasn’t won a Major since 2008 only adds to the narrative. Woods will always be tainted in the eyes of some but the numbers don’t tend to lie: when he is winning, so is golf.

The Woods brand is being revitalised in other ways, too; ones which fall outside the control of his long-time agent Mark Steinberg. His new relationship with Lindsey Vonn is a dream for gossip columnists in the US and beyond, while the arrival of Rory McIlroy on Nike’s books has added a new dimension to Woods’ long association with the sportswear giant’s golf division.

The friendly rivalry between the pair has already been highlighted in a well-received initial campaign, likely to be the first of many. Around the world, the reconstructed Tiger Woods remains right at the top of any list of recognisable faces. Win or lose, he has remained a draw wherever he plays. DC

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