Stephen Curry

50 Most Marketable 2018 - Stephen Curry

American, 30, Basketball

The biggest star on a team of stars

Representatives: Octagon

Key partners: Under Armour, JP Morgan Chase, Degree, Kaiser Permanente, JBL, Brita, Fanatics, PressPlay, Vivo, Nissan, Full Swing Simulators

Another year, another National Basketball Association (NBA) title: the Golden State Warriors juggernaut keeps on rolling with Stephen Curry very much the leading man. On any other team that would not be a surprise but on the Warriors' roster is also Kevin Durant, a player who will go down as one of the best to ever play the game.

That Curry is clearly the man in the Bay Area is a big part of his appeal but more than just being a friendly, relatable face for brands, he is the voice of a more ‘woke’ NBA. The league is reaching new heights in terms of popularity whilst being outspoken on social issues and unafraid to voice its opinion - take note, Roger Goodell.

Curry is the leader of a team that shunned the White House for a trip to Washington’s National Museum of African American History and Culture with local students last year. After their latest title, they have no intention to meet with President Trump. "Rhetoric and hate and just general disdain from the top, trying to be divisive and whatnot, has had the opposite reaction from what it intended," Curry said. "We've done our part, I think, to try to further that message.” TB

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