Odell Beckham Jr

50 Most Marketable 2018 - Odell Beckham Jr

American, 25, Football

The NFL’s show-stopping superstar

Representatives: Elite Athlete Management

Key partners: Nike, Head and Shoulders, Roar Beverages, Exos Performance Nutrition, Steiner Sports

Odell Beckham Jr’s fourth straight appearance in the upper echelon of this list is not only testament to his unwavering ability to pull off jaw-dropping, one-handed catches, but also to the fact that in America’s richest, most popular sports league, he still stands alone on his own level of marketability.

An eccentric fashionista and style icon, standing out is something that Beckham Jr has done ever since strutting onto a National Football League (NFL) field in 2014 – from snaffling the ball in the web of three fingers on his right hand, to his thick beard and bleached blonde signature hairdo, to a fleeting cameo in Nicki Minaj’s latest music video.

Already signed by Nike to the richest endorsement deal in NFL history, the American sportswear giant has now filed to trademark its ‘OBJ’ logo. On top of that, Beckham Jr has also signed a new US$95 million contract with the New York Giants to become the league’s highest-paid wide receiver in its biggest market. As Beckham Jr’s stock continues to soar, his next move – as always – will be worth watching. SC

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