Joel Embiid

50 Most Marketable 2018 - Joel Embiid

Cameroonian, 24, Basketball

King of social media looking to complete the process

Representatives: Leon Rose

Key partners: Adidas, HyperX

It would be unfair to describe Joel Embiid as just a Twitter personality but it is his presence on social media that makes him so enticing. With the right brand direction, Embiid could put his natural charm and humour to use for commercial gain for any number of suitors.

This summer his four-year contract with Adidas expires and he hits the shoe deal open market - an opportunity that is likely to have companies scrambling for a meeting. Should Embiid go for Puma, a brand returning to basketball in a big way, his persona would open up viral potential. The possibility of a marketing pairing alongside the 24-year-old’s very public crush, Rihanna - herself an established face of the brand - is a fascinating prospect.

None of this would matter if Embiid were not one of the National Basketball Association’s leading lights. At 7”2, he is hard to miss. As one of the two pillars playing on a young team in a conference always lighter on talent than its Pacific coast rival, Embiid and the Philadelphia 76ers could be making regular trips deep into the playoffs for the foreseeable future. TB

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