Issue 100: SportsPro’s 10 New ventures

SportsPro has now been in print for ten years and 100 issues. To commemorate that landmark we’ve created the SportsPro 100, an in no way comprehensive list of things that have coloured our history. As we close in on our count to 100, here are our ten-era-defining new ventures.

Issue 100: SportsPro’s 10 New ventures

As we continue our 100th issue celebration here is an in no way comprehensive list of the new ventues that have coloured our history. 

81. Overwatch League

Its new model has brought a city franchise structure to esports, and the sports industry money has started pouring in.

What was said...

To the clutch of pro sports financiers who have invested capital so far, the Overwatch League has brought a recognised business model to a gaming world that can otherwise seem nebulous and high-risk

SportsPro, Overwatch League, 2018

82. Snapchat's AR tech

Social network introduced highend but accessible AR tech to social networking and is now making its mark on sport.

What was said...

We can’t wait for Snapchatters worldwide to share the excitement and magic of the final with their friends

Ben Scherwin, vice president of partnerships at Snap Inc.,on Bitmoji's 3D Champions League lens, SportsPro, 2018

83. Copa90

By focusing on fan cultures and experiences, the video platform has shown brands an audience they didn’t know existed.

What was said...

The modern soccer fan is shifting from traditional media formats in search of content that is available when they want it, wherever they want it

SportsPro, A fan's-eye view, 2018

84. Eleven Sports

The network has taken bites and sought opportunities across the board in a range of sports broadcasting markets.

What was said...

We see a very strong cable and satellite market in the US, and a very big market, and actually lots of opportunities within that market as those platforms look to create new and skinnier bundles

Marc Watson, executive chairman of Eleven Sports, SportsPro, 2017

85. The International Champions Cup

The globe-trotting International Champions Cup (ICC) has brought structure to pre-season soccer and taken top clubs to faraway markets.

What was said...

The ICC has established itself as the most high-profile summer soccer exhibition tournament in the world, giving the European giants access to new markets in a globe-trotting format. Now it is breaking new ground again

SportsPro, Party in the USA, 2018

86. DAZN

The Perform-owned streaming company has been an early mover in the OTT space, taking premium rights in several territories.

What was said...

Multi-sport services like Perform Group’s DAZN have entered select markets around the world, taking a deliberately localised approach to rights acquisitions, production and distribution as they join the race to become the ‘Netflix of sports’

SportsPro, Live and direct, 2017

87. SoftBank Vision Fund

Masayoshi Son’s colossal impact is remaking whole industries.

What was said...

For sport, this will mean marked changes in the way the industry works. Direct investment is also a possibility

SportsPro, 2018

88. Instagram

Under Facebook ownership, Instagram has gone from photo-sharing app to dominant social platform.

What was said...

Facebook-owned Instagram, having broken the billion-user barrier in June, announced the creation of IGTV, bringing long-form, mobile orientated video to the platform for the first time, with an experience more like surfing channels on a television set than perusing a social feed

SportsPro, 2018


BAMTECH, spun off from Major League Baseball Advanced Media (MLBAM), is building sport’s most important digital platforms.

What was said...

Some content owners are looking at more of a hybrid model that would allow them to optimise revenue, gather more information directly about their fan and their customer, and also be in a position to react quickly to changes in the marketplace

Bill Martens, former MLBAM senior vice president of partner solutions, SportsPro, Rounding bases, 2018

90. The Indian Premier League

India's cricket powerhouse has unleashed the power of cricket’s biggest market.

What was said...

The Twenty20 cricket league that has revolutionised the sport in the first two years of its existence

SportsPro, Indian Premier League, 2009