Issue 100: SportsPro’s 10 Innovations

SportsPro has now been in print for ten years and 100 issues. To commemorate that landmark we’ve created the SportsPro 100, an in no way comprehensive list of things that have coloured our history. As we continue our count to 100, here are our ten-era-defining innovations.

Issue 100: SportsPro’s 10 Innovations

As we continue our 100th issue celebration here is an in no way comprehensive list of the innovations that have coloured our history. 

51. LED displays and lighting

The advancements in illumination tecnhologies have created new possibilities in venues.

What was said...

The use of natural light at Atlanta's Mercedes-Benz Stadium – thanks to the transparent materials – as well as building control systems managing and monitoring energy consumption, and LED lighting will help to reduce energy usage by 50 per cent

SportsPro SmartSeries, 2017

52. Men’s tennis’ ATP Next Gen Finals

The boldest exploration in years of new rules and ideas in tennis.

What was said...

We’re not trying to claw back money. We’re putting it back into the game in ways that we can engage people to come and watch the sport

Chris Kermode,tennis' ATP executive chairman, Down the line, SportsPro, 2017 

53. Formula E motorsport

The electric age of racing in city centres.

What was said...

It confronts tradition with the future, challenges motorsport’s norms, and its digital-first approach is quite clearly geared towards the fans of tomorrow

Electrified, SportsPro, 2018

54. Virtual reality and augmented reality

The evolution of the way sport is experienced.

What was said...


We’re allowing NBA fans all over the world to feel like they’re sitting courtside at an NBA Finals game, which they otherwise never would have done

Danny Keens, VP of content partnerships at NextVR, How NextVR brought virtual reality highlights, SportsPro, 2018

55. Virtual advertising

How advertising inventory is sold for broadcast is being revolutionised.

What was said...

The idea is to make the brand message more impactful and more appropriate for whoever is watching

James Gambrell, Supponor CEO, Reality check, SportsPro, 2018

56. The pan-continental Uefa Euro 2020

A potential landmark in the evolution of mega-events.

What was said...

It promises to be an amazing journey for European football

Gianni Infantino, Uefa's secretary general, Uefa confirms Wembley and 12 other Euro 2020 hosts, SportsPro, 2014

57. Wearable technology

How elite training has transformed and is now off ering new touchpoints for fans following the action.

What was said...

In elite sport, wearable technology is already very much on the march. Products from companies like Catapult Sports are now capable of measuring the impact of collisions – which could be critical in understanding the risks of concussion.  

SportsPro SmartSeries, 2017

58. Ticket sales

Mobile systems are offering more intuitive means of buying tickets and getting access to grounds.

What was said...

We’re committed to developing the fan experience in all aspects of our operation, and see our ticketing systems as an integral part of this

Danny Wilson, operations director at Manchester City, SportsPro, 2018

59. Financial advantages creating strategic gains.

The Abu Dhabi-based owners of City Football Group have used their financial advantage to create further strategic gains.

What was said...

With its unique business model and distinct successes, City Football Group represents a differentiated systematic approach to building a global platform for football know-how, player development, academy programmes and commercial partnerships

China Media Capital chairman Ruigang Li on his company's US$400 million investment in City Football Group, SportsPro, 2015

60. New camera technologies

The opening up of some truly unusual perspectives - perhaps none more so than GoPro.

What was said...

There are many requirements that we have but we have the feeling that with the extremely fast development of drone technology, it will soon deliver to us a very cost-efficient opportunity. So it solves two different objectives for us

Oliver Ciesla, managing director of World Rally Championship, SportsPro, 2016