Issue 100: SportsPro’s 10 Influencers

SportsPro has now been in print for ten years and 100 issues. To commemorate that landmark we’ve created the SportsPro 100, an in no way comprehensive list of things that have coloured our history. As we continue our count to 100, here are our ten-era-defining influencers.

Issue 100: SportsPro’s 10 Influencers

As we continue our 100th issue celebration here is an in no way comprehensive list of the influencers that have coloured our history. 

41. Thomas Bach

The IOC president has tried to set his own agender- Agenda 2020 to be precise- but is still stalked by wider issues.

What was said...

If we do not address these challenges here and now we will be hit by them very soon. If we do not drive these changes ourselves others will drive us to them. We want to be the leaders of change in sport not the object

IOC president Thomas Bach, SportsPro 2014

42. Adam Silver

Has established himself as a progressive and successful leader as commissioner of the resurgent NBA.

What was said...

In terms of the game it’s never been better. It’s a fantastic time to be a basketball fan. It’s a fantastic time to be an NBA fan. It just seems like the game is being reinvented

Adam Silver, SportsPro 2016

43. Grigory Rodchenkov

The Moscow lab director risked it all to blow the whistle on systematic Russian doping for WADA's McLaren Report.

What was said...

If you want to intellectually and by conviction as sports officials encourage people to take part in the Olympic Games then I think the balance is about right and that the decision is fair

WADA president Sir Craig Reedie on whether the sanctions placed on Russia were fair, SportsPro, 2017

44. Bob Iger

Disney's chairman and chief executive could set the future course of broadcasting as he takes ESPN into the digital world.

What was said...

Those who criticise the network must surely know that wherever media goes in years to come, ESPN will be there, front and centre 

Bob Iger, SportsPro, 2017

45. Ari Emanuel

Is building a sports and entertainment empire at Endeavor, formerly WME I IMG.

What was said...

Now IMG appears an entity that is leaner and meaner than ever, one that, as with other units of the Endeavor empire, is ever-ready to pounce on the next untapped opportunity

'With a spirit of collaboration, the IMG empire grows and grows', SportsPro 2017

46. Loretta Lynch

The former US attorney general blew down Fifa's house of cards in 2015.

What was said...

That all changed on 27th May 2015 – or St Loretta’s Day, as it will one day be known [...] From that moment, the Fifa story just never stopped

'The Martyn Ziegler column: Farewell reflections', SportsPro, 2016

47. Stacey Allaster

Helped confirm women's tennis as the commerical power in female sport as chief executive of the WTA.

What was said...

We’re focused on making them the best finals in our history. We’ve created a year-long promotional campaign and we’re really focused on driving US$150 million of media value associated with the finals and economic impact

Stacey Allaster speaks to SportsPro about the WTA in Singapore, SportsPro 2014

48. Nasser Al-Khelaifi

At PSG, QSI and BeIN Media Group, he is the figurehead of Qatar's embattled but deep-pocked sporting project.

What was said...

The Qataris have persistently denied accusations of wrongdoing in the 2022 World Cup bidding process. The suspicion surrounding the country's activities in sport - and those of Al-Khelaifi himself - is unlikely to subside anytime soon

'The Long Read: A tough year for Qatar and Al-Khelaifi', SportsPro 2017

49. Lord Sebastian Coe

Had the Midas touch with London 2012 but his IAAF presidency has been hard work.

What was said...

My overriding objective is to grow athletics, to make our sport even more global and even more commercially successful

Sebastian Coe outlines his vision for athletics' global future, SportsPro 2014


50. Xi Jinping

China's president will determine the future direction of its investment.

What was said...

China may not have a rich footballing heritage, but they see associating themselves with the biggest competition in the world as the first step on their journey to becoming recognised around the world

'The real reasons western brands distanced themselves from Russia 2018', SportsPro 2018