Issue 100: SportsPro’s 10 Developments

SportsPro has now been in print for ten years and 100 issues. To commemorate that landmark we’ve created the SportsPro 100, an in no way comprehensive list of things that have coloured our history. As we continue our count to 100, here are our ten-era-defining developments.

Issue 100: SportsPro’s 10 Developments

As we continue our 100th issue celebration here is an in no way comprehensive list of the developments that have coloured our history. 

21. Rio's Maracanã Stadium (re-opened 2013)

Was rebuilt as the stage for a Fifa World Cup final and an Olympic Games, but fell back into disrepair.

What was said...

They are white elephants today. What we are trying to look at here is to how to turn this into something usable

Leandro Mitidieri, a federal prosecutor in Brazil, on the state of Rio's Olympic venues, SportsPro, 2017

22. The Tokyo 2020 Olympic Stadium (broke ground 2016)

A stripped-back vision of the future of the Games.

What was said...

We believe that these Games will prove to be a model for a sustainable Games while delivering the excitement of the Games to more people

Yoshiro Mori, president of Tokyo 2020, SportsPro, 2018

23. The Indianapolis Motor Speedway (announced 2015)

One of motorsport's most famous venues, it was revamped for the 21st century.

What was said...

We're not replacing the stadium; we're renovating the stadium. If you don't do it right the character of the place changes

IMS president Doug Boles, 2015

24. The Singapore Sports Hub (officially opened 2015)

Is a new concept for elite and community sports.

What was said...

The sports hub is 25 years of legacy planning, it is not just building. It is a very astute plan to ensure that the soft and hard programming of the sports hub will work right in the heart of the city

Kelven Tan, then chief of sports marketing at Singapore Sports Hub, SportsPro, 2009

25. The Los Angeles Stadium (broke ground 2016)

At Hollywood park: finally, a permanent home for the National Football League (NFL) in the City of Angels.

What was said...

Tomorrow we will have a stadium that can host and compete with any stadium in the world - Super Bowls, All-Star games, Final Fours, any major convention or concert in the world

Stadium backer Wasserman Media Group's founder Casey Wasserman, SportsPro 2012

26. The London Stadium (opened 2012)

The beacon of Olympic hope, it also became an emblem of a challenging legacy.

What was said...

Great actors need a great stage and we’re very lucky that we’ve got the best stage in the world

UK Athletics and local organising committee chief executive Niels de Vos, SportsPro 2017

27. Atlanta's Mercedes-Benz Stadium (opened 2017)

Has set a new standard in all areas.

What was said...

You need to have a very compelling experience at the stadium to get people out of their homes and into the building

Ben Brillat, IBM's chief technology architect who worked on the Mercedes-Benz Stadium, SportsPro 2018

28. Meydan Racecourse (opened March 2010)

Is Dubai's landmark sporting venue and an emphatic statement of the emirate's place in world horse racing.

What was said...

Meydan’s success since its launch and its continued growth potential makes it an excellent model to replicate in a burgeoning economy such as China

Then chairman and chief executive of Mayden, Saeed Humaid Al Tayer, SportsPro 2011

29. Wimbledon's All-England Tennis Club (new Centre Court roof finished in 2009)

Like the championships it hosts, it has been reimagined for a new age while retaining its traditions.

What was said...

Wimbledon began adopting artificial intelligence (AI) technologies in 2015, and is now leading the way in harnessing giant data sets to better inform, immerse and engage fans

Wimbledon 2018 innovations, SportsPro 2018

30. Brooklyn's Barclays Center (opened 2012)

Has changed the New York sporting landscape.

What was said...

Imagine 11 train lines underground, coming into a facility. It’s more than any place in this country. It’s more than Times Square

Bruce Ratner, developer of the Barclays Center, SportsPro, 2012