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Globo TV Sports is a TV Globo division focused exclusively on licensing Brazilian sports events to the international market. Since 2005, the division has been offering a dynamic portfolio with the best in Brazilian sports: indoor and beach volleyball, auto racing, marathons, futsal, and the famous Brazilian football with the Brazilian Magic Football package. After only one year in the market, Globo TV Sports was already broadcasting to more than 125 countries and present at the most important trade events. With Brazilian Magic Football, millions of viewers on 4 continents experience the best championship matches, marvelling at the greatest Brazilian teams in action, rooted with stadium fans, and been thrilled by the shots of fancy footwork and truly amazing goals.

The excitement and thrills of Brazilian sports have taken the field. Get in the game. Put your audience in the front row with Globo TV Sports products.

Brazilian Magic Football

Brazilian FootballBrazilian FootballBrazilian Football

Globo TV Sports is proud to broadcast a national passion, a sport that runs in the veins of every Brazilian and stirs more than 180 million hearts rooting for their teams and players.

  • On Air Days: Saturdays at 21:10 (GMT) and Sundays at 19:00 (GMT).
  • 82 live matches, from January to December.
  • Well known as the best of the world – Champion of 5 World Cups;
  • Boundless source of outstanding players;
  • High average of goals – more than 3 per match;
  • Players from others South American National Teams play in Brazilian Championships;
  • 9 World Club Titles won by Internacional, São Paulo, Santos, Grêmio, Corinthians and Flamengo.


The package includes the São Paulo Championship and The Brazilian National Championship that will fill your screen with the greatest magic Brazil has to offer. All this comes with the stamp of quality which has made TV Globo an international benchmark in the industry. Tradition and experience of a company that, over the last 40 years has been broadcasting the best and most important sporting events, including major world competitions, the FIFA World Cup and the Olympic Games.

Brazilian Stock Car

Brazilian Stock Car RacingBrazilian Stock Car RachingBrazilian Stock Car Racing

Auto Racing is very popular in Brazil and has produced notable top drivers like Emerson Fittipaldi, Nelson Piquet, Ayrton Senna, Tony Kanaan, as well Gil de Ferran and Hélio Castroneves. Stock Car competition represents this passion. The competition has been part of the World Touring Car Championship since 1979. The first race counted on 19 "Opalas", cars from Chevrolet’s brand. From there to now, Brazil’s Stock Car race have been increasing with starting grids of 40 cars or more and two developing series. One of the most important drivers is Ingo Hoffmann who has won twelve titles. The year of 2005 came to the Stock Car history when for the first time different brands started to compete together for the same race – the Mitsubishi-Lancer ran beside the Chevrolet-Astra. Although, there was a race abroad, in Argentina, counting points to the Brazilian championship. In 2006, 43 drivers who have participated in the major world championships will test their abilities against the Brazilian tracks.


  • V-8 Motors
  • 450 HP
  • High Speed: 256 Km/h


Brazilian Indoor Volleyball

Brazilian Indoor VolleyballBrazilian Indoor VolleyballBrazilian Indoor Volleyball

After football, Indoor Volleyball is the second favorite national sport, and second most played sport in Brazil. The sport originated in the United States at the end of the 19th century and quickly spread around the world. On the 16th of August 1954, the Brazilian Confederation of Volleyball was created (CBV) presided by Denis Rupet Hathaway. The ex-volleyball player took the lead of the CBV determined to create an articulate network with the country’s other State confederations, dismembering the Brazilian Sports Confederation (CBD). All these efforts brought international recognition to the Confederation: named the "most successful Confederation in the world", for the years 97/98/99, by the International Volley ball Confederation. Since 2002, the CBV organizes the National Volleyball league, call Super League. Super League fast becomes the most important Male and Female Volleyball tournament in Brazil. The first qualifying phase of Super League is regional, teams from every region in Brazil fight for one of the 8 final places of the final phase. Great members of the current National Brazilian Volley team, Olympic and World Champions, who also participated in the Super League include: Giba, Gustavo, Serginho, Ricardinho, Naubert and Dante.

Brazilian Beach Volleyball

Brazilian Beach VolleyballBrazilian Beach VolleyballBrazilian Beach Volleyball

Beach volleyball started in Santa Monica, California in the 1920s. Became very popular around the world and in Brazil was not different. The sport is played around the Brazil’s coastline, especially in the beaches of Rio de Janeiro, and has also given Brazilian athletes much success worldwide. For decades, the Brazilian players have dominated international beach volleyball. Today Brazil is the ruling country in the FIVB, filling eight of the first ten positions of FIVB individual ranking: these include Emanuel, Ricardo, Fabio Luiz and others. Brazilian female players are also present at the top of FIVB list with Juliana and Larissa. Other great players are well-know too as Shelda, Adriana Behar, Ana Paula, Renata and Talita. Rallied on by 10 thousand spectators in the open-air bleachers, these events are non-stop excitement for all.

Brazilian Marathons

Brazilian MarathonsBrazilian MarathonsBrazilian Marathons

São Paulo International Marathon

São Paulo International Marathon has been held for the past 11 years. With a 42 kilometer course is schedule always in the first half of the year. The marathon attracts 12 thousand runners, among them, the best international athletes who have but one thought on their minds: winning the greatest road challenge in Brazil.

The São Silvestre Race

Held every December 31st in São Paulo since 1924, the Säo Silvestre Marathon is one of the most traditional international races and is offered for both men and women. The course runs for 15 kilometers and attracts around 15 thousand participants to the streets of São Paulo. For the runners, the festive climate and receptivity of the Paulistanos are fundamental to arriving at the finish line. They also show that the São Silvestre is more than just a race; it is a celebration.

Brazilian Futsal League

Brazilian Futsal LeagueBrazilian Futsal LeagueBrazilian Futsal League

A lot of Brazilian Football players started their careers in futsal – including Pelé, Zico, Sócrates, Casagrande, Edinho, Rivelino, Denilson, Leonardo and Ronaldinho Gaúcho. In Brazil, no sport presents such efficiency in performance as Futsal. Throughout its history, the Brazilian Futsal Team has won no less than 45 international titles. Actuality, there have been few events in which Brazil has taken part and not walked away with a win.

In its quest to provide quality footage for Futsal fans, the Brazilian National FutsalLeague, created on the 27th of April 1996, organizes a yearly championship amongst the country’s 20 best teams. The tournament, organized by the Brazilian Confederation for Futsal (CBFS), is similar to the model of North American basketball leagues, using highly organized score tables and a set up based on agreements between internationally ranked sponsors, clubs and television networks.

Like the champions on the field, Brasil is also internationally known for its Futsal champions. Manoel Tobias, Lenísio, Índio, Pablo, Schumacher and Fininho are some of the players who form part of the National Brazilian Futsal team, including Falcão. the current world´s best player.Therefore, there is plenty of reason for audiences to keep up with the Brazilian National Futsal League.


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  • Globo gets World Cup rights in Brazil until 2022

    Globo has secured the Brazilian broadcast rights to Fifa World Cup finals.

  • MP & Silva to distribute Brazilian soccer

    International media company MP & Silva and Globo TV Sports, the exclusive distributor of Brazil's Campeonato Paulista and Brasileirao soccer competitions, have agreed a deal for the distribution of rights to both leagues in selected European and Asian territories.

  • Globo awarded Champions League rights in Brazil

    Uefa has awarded Brazilian broadcaster Globo free-to-air media rights for the Champions League, European soccer's elite club competition, from 2012 to 2015.

  • Stats takes new technology to Brazil with TV Globo

    Stats LLC, the sports technology, information and content provider, has reached an agreement with TV Globo, the leading Brazilian broadcaster, to provide its player tracking technology within TV Globo's coverage of the Campeonatos Carioca and Paulista in January, as well as Campeonato Brasileiro Série A in May.

  • Globosat to air decade of World Athletics in Brazil

    Satellite and cable broadcaster Globosat has secured the Brazilian television rights to all IAAF World Athletics Series events, including the IAAF World Championships in Athletics, for the period between 2014 and 2019.

  • MP & Silva goes Globo for soccer rights

    MP & Silva has concluded a deal with Brazilian media giant Globo, which will see the sports marketing and media company acquire the distribution rights to top-flight Brazilian soccer in six Asia-Pacific territories.

  • Globo goes global with Brazilian soccer deal

    Globo TV Sports, the Brazilian media rights distributor, has signed a deal with Gol TV that will see Brazilian domestic soccer shown in North America on the bilingual channel for the next three years. The distributor has concluded similar deals in Spain, Greece, Holland, France and South headline for more

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